10 Comic Books Diehard Collectors Need To Own

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here are ten issues that every comic book collector dreams of having in their collection due to their historical and cultural significance, and of course, their potential value.

  1. Action Comics #1: This is the Holy Grail of comic books. The 1938 issue features the first appearance of Superman, marking the beginning of the superhero genre.
  2. Detective Comics #27: Published in 1939, this comic book marks the first appearance of Batman, one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.
  3. Amazing Fantasy #15: This 1962 issue is highly sought after as it marks the first appearance of Spider-Man.
  4. Incredible Hulk #1: This comic book from 1962 features the first appearance of the Hulk and is a key piece in any Marvel Comics collection.
  5. X-Men #1: This 1963 comic marked the debut of the X-Men, a team of mutants with superhuman abilities, that have since become a staple in the Marvel Universe.
  6. Fantastic Four #1: Published in 1961, this comic book not only marks the debut of the Fantastic Four but also the birth of the Marvel Universe as we know it today.
  7. Wonder Woman #1: Released in 1942, this issue marked the first standalone comic for one of the most iconic female superheroes, Wonder Woman.
  8. Iron Man #1: The first issue of Iron Man’s own series from 1968 is a coveted piece among collectors, as it marks a significant milestone for one of Marvel’s most beloved characters.
  9. Batman #1: While Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27, Batman #1 from 1940 is still a highly desired comic. This issue features the first appearances of both the Joker and Catwoman.
  10. The Walking Dead #1: A more recent comic compared to others on this list, The Walking Dead #1 was published in 2003. It’s sought after due to the massive popularity of the TV show adaptation, and it represents a seminal moment for independent comics.

These issues represent significant moments in comic book history. Although they’re hard to come by and often come with a hefty price tag, owning any one of these is a dream for many comic book collectors.

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