Freud vs Jung vs Lacan

Lacan Jacques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst and philosopher known for his influential theories on the human psyche, language, and subjectivity. Here are some key points he taught: The Psychoanalytic Unconscious: Lacan believed that the unconscious mind is structured like a language, with symbols and signs that are irreducible to conscious meaning. He argued that […]

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Ancient Flood Myths

Flood myths are prevalent in many ancient cultures around the world, each with its unique story but often sharing common themes. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of these cultures and their flood myths: Mesopotamian Flood Myths: The Sumerian Epic of Ziusudra In this Sumerian story, Ziusudra, a king and priest, learns of the gods’ […]

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Crystal and Herb Pairings

In my journey through the realm of the mystical, crystals have been a steadfast companion, each with its unique energy signature and healing qualities. These natural gems, born from the Earth’s womb, serve as tools of intention setting, healing, and spiritual growth, allowing us to tap into our own inner wisdom and power. The first […]

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