Crystal and Herb Pairings

In my journey through the realm of the mystical, crystals have been a steadfast companion, each with its unique energy signature and healing qualities. These natural gems, born from the Earth’s womb, serve as tools of intention setting, healing, and spiritual growth, allowing us to tap into our own inner wisdom and power. The first […]

4 mins read

Boombox Baby

The boombox was an iconic symbol of 1980s culture, beloved for its portability and power to share music. With its large speakers and cassette decks capable of playback and recording, the boombox allowed people to literally carry their music with them and experience it with big, booming sound wherever they went. I still remember the […]

5 mins read

The Great Stoner Music Debate: Take on the Ultimate High Soundtrack

Greetings, fellow music aficionados and cannabis enthusiasts! As we traverse the vast landscape of tunes that accompany our highs, the question arises: which genre reigns supreme as the ultimate stoner soundtrack? In true Anthony Fantano fashion, we’ll explore a few contenders, dissect their merits, and discuss whether or not they deserve a spot on the […]

3 mins read