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Ever wonder what it's like to work at the best t-shirt and sticker emporium on the web? Well, if we ever catch one of these people working, we'll ask them. In any case, we wouldn't be DeliberateProvocation without them, we'd probably be a successful business. 


Alex "BeKindRewind" Harrison

Alex "BeKindRewind" Harrison is a quintessential Gen Xer who's embraced the humor and absurdity of life in the modern world. He's a seasoned programmer turned humor columnist, capturing the hearts and minds of readers with his nostalgic reflections and self-deprecating wit. Alex is a divorced father of two, navigating the dating scene and imparting his wisdom on everything from dad jokes to the art of the mixtape. When he's not busy writing, Alex enjoys scouring flea markets for forgotten treasures, spinning his favorite vinyl records, and introducing his kids to the joys of '90s pop culture.

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Raven Claypool

Raven Claypool is our resident millennial neo-pagan witch who radiates the vibrant energy of a manic pixie dream girl gone woke, inspiring and delighting her readers with her unique perspective on life. With a passion for all things magical, Raven writes about intentional living, the wonders of herbs and crystals, and the art of self-care and meditation. A devoted believer in astrology and the wisdom of the goddess, she finds solace and guidance in the celestial realm. Raven is also a proud cat mom to her ginger fur-baby, Nerdboy, who is not only her feline life partner but also her muse. In her spare time, Raven loves to indulge in her love for crafting, cooking, and uncovering the hidden secrets of the universe.

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Juniper Denali

Juniper Denali is a polyamory expert, internet trend aficionado, and dedicated '90s nostalgia enthusiast. Living in a communal cabin in Northern California with her beloved polycule, Juniper thrives on exploring the many facets of love, relationships, and self-discovery. As a skilled programmer, she enjoys hacking in Rust and Go, while also delving into experiments with vibrational energy. Juniper's writing offers a unique blend of personal insights, thought-provoking discussions, and a genuine passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. Her articles touch on topics from polyamory and internet trends to the irresistible allure of '90s pop culture.

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Riva Delaney

Riva Delaney is a talented who once brought comic book characters to life and now immerses themselves in the realms of anime, hip-hop, and Marxist politics. As a student with a constantly evolving major, Riva embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and personal growth. Fusing their love for poetry with the cutting-edge world of AI art, Riva's creativity knows no bounds. Their writing offers readers a unique blend of thought-provoking insights, candid personal experiences, and a deep dive into the interplay of pop culture, politics, and identity.

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Support Staff


Nerdboy is the beloved feline companion of writer Raven Claypool (see above) and serves as the official remote office assistant to the assistant manager. This ginger cat extraordinaire not only provides emotional support to the team but also ensures that everyone stays on task (or at least tries to). With a penchant for photo-bombing Zoom calls and napping on keyboards, Nerdboy's quirky presence is an integral part of the team dynamic.


The Editor

Jack Hurley

Jack Hurley is our grumpy and (allegedly) constantly busy middle-aged editor with a mysterious past. Having dropped out of high school in the '90s to travel the world as an itinerant Pentecostal faith healer, Jack's life took a dramatic turn when he discovered the deceptive tactics of stage hypnosis at play within his profession. This revelation led to his transformation into a dedicated skeptic and brutally honest communicator. Today, Jack preaches the gospel of rationality and neo-Stoicism to his small yet devoted following of nearly a dozen disciples (on twitter). His unwavering commitment to the truth and clear thinking guides his editorial approach, shaping the content and direction of the publication.